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About Shoponik.com

"Your own branded online store is just one click away from you."



Thanks for looking into this page. We at Shoponik would love to share our life with you.

Shoponik.com is an individual startup. We are focusing on providing ecommerce services, i.e. the home delivery of goods in PAN India and Abroad (Special orders). We specialize in our deals section with extra basic discounts on various Brands & Luxury Brands. We are focused working with brands only as we feel that the aftersales service of the same is much easier for our customer to follow.

Today Shoponik.com comes unde rMRPL and does all sale under VAT and Corporate Identity Number.


How are we different from others?

  • We don’t lend money from public, we work with minimum margins and serve the public
  • We strive for best service, providing free-shipping in almost every article in the store. We classify our shipments with the shipping option chosen by the customer, such as COD & Online-Payment and hence ensure timely delivery of the same
  • We focus only on customer satisfaction
  • Personal touch is one thing which differentiates us from others. To elaborate, we have our customer’s 1st and then our vendors. Shoponik is not our work, it’s our worship, and we try to serve the customer in the minimum time and with the best of the product at the best available price.

Reasons why you should chose Shoponik-

1. Convenience - you can do shopping in minutes even if you are in a hurry. Shoponik provides you with the feature of express checkout hence no hassle of creation of an account and undergoing registration (Though we recommend the same as to track your order status and be updated with the offers and discounts.

2. Better prices- It provides you with cheaper deals and better prices because product directly comes to you from manufacturer or a reputed distributer.

3. Value for money - Shoponik offers you the best quality luxury products at the best available price, to full this requirement the products are shipped from overseas. So show them to all & earn value more than the money you invested.

4. Variety- the choices for product you get are amazing.

5. Send Products as gifts – Shoponik also provides you with a gifting solution. You can now gift any item from Shoponik product gallery and can get the same billed at your own place and delivered to another. So, giving surprises is easy with us

6. Fewer expenses – Shoponik has no hidden charges, hence users have the best online shopping experience


Shoponik.com is your online store accessible 24X7. Hence you can make purchases even in the odd hours. The orders with Shoponik are cleared wihin 24-48 hours, hence you get your product within 5-7 business days*.